How can I go to abroad for study

Now a days the world seems small because of technology and internet. And sometime we regularly get to know that this person completed his/her study from this country or sometime we are not aware that we can study in abroad from the best institution. Study in abroad is not easy if you financially is not good. But Its called – There is will there is way. Many countries/institutions have scholarship program which help students to study in abroad. So here is details which might answer your question How can I go to abroad for study ?

First thing, know about the scholarship program to study in abroad: First of all you should know that if the course you want to do, is eligible for scholarship or not. Many country/institution/NGO runs scholarship program to study in abroad. List down the all scholarship program, know about the criteria of that scholarship. Generally scholarship program have competition exam to get qualify or sometime you may get directly qualify based on reservation system and your grades of schools. So remember grades/marks of school play very important role so that institution get to know that you are interested in study from childhood.

Key thing , decide early and start preparation early as possible : Let say you want to go for study in abroad after the 10+2 and started doing enquiry about this. Now you got to know that by using this scholarship program you can study in abroad from best institute, but your 10th std grades is not good and you not get qualified for that scholarship. So what if you were aware about the scholarship program from the 8th standards and you keep going to get qualified in scholarship program.

Alternative way is to do research or build project or proof of concept : To do advance courses many institutions invites good students, professionals and researchers to complete your advance study from their institute.
Education loan is one option also. This is again based on your study performance, course provider institution. The bank/finance organization provide loan to approved institution only.

Competition exams and preparation : Once you decided to do preparation for any competition exam to get scholarship to study in abroad, now another question is that how you can do preparation for that exam. Again you can find that some seats are free in many institute/coaching center for preparation of competitive exam based on student’s previous performance, financial condition or society he/she is coming. So you can do enquiry about such institute which offer free education for such exams.

Summary : Perform below steps to get close to How can I go to abroad for study –

  • List down the courses of your study field and their exam names.
  • Start enquiry about each exam how you can get qualify for exam.
  • Reach to institute/people which can help you to prepare about examination.
  • Least but no last keep up-to-date and motivated your self.
  • Know more about the people you studied in abroad, may you get to know about more ways of study in abroad.

 Here is list of some scholarships available for Indian students :

ScholarshipCountry % Funded
National Overseas ScholarshipAll countriesAllowance of USD 15,400 annually. For UK it is 9900 Annually plus tuition fees
Fulbright- Nehru Doctoral Research FellowshipUSAVisa support for J-1 type, monthly stipend
Commonwealth ScholarshipUKFunding of 100%
Erasmus Mundus ScholarshipEuropeFunding of 100%
Cornell University Tata ScholarshipUSAFunding of 100%
GREAT India ScholarshipsUKMinimum funding of GBP 10000
Type of scholarship

I hope you have learnt about How can I go to abroad for study. Please share this with your friends and family, it may also help them. And please provide your comments and feedback so we can provide you better to better things. Also for career options, please check out more article here Career Options. Thanks

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