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We all ever want to buy new mobile phones and We know about mobile specifications very clearly but some time understanding the mobile phone processor is difficult or not all people know technical terms so they don’t have much idea about which is the best mobile phone processor or what are the best use of different-different mobile phone processor. Processor are main board of mobile phone like computer have board(mother board) core2dual, core i3, i5 etc. The best processor you have, you will experience the best uses of mobile phone – in terms of battery performance, fast processing, best user interface experience. Therefore we comes with new article here so that you Know all about new mobile-processors in a simple way and as per common usages of them.

You can evaluate the mobile phone processor performance based on the –

  • Battery performance
  • Gaming performance
  • Video/Picture performance and quality
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine built-in

Types/Providers of mobile phone processors :

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon : Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series mobile platforms with multi-core CPUs can expand the possibilities of connected computing and represent the ultimate in performance, power efficiency and 4G LTE connectivity. One thing about Qualcomm Snapdragon, this is all time best performer mobile phone processor
  • Exynos Samsung : Designed for high-performance and power efficiency, Exynos enables entirely new mobile experiences–from console-like gaming to pro-grade photography, 8K video recording, and beyond.
  • MediaTek Dimensity : Yet immensely power efficient thanks to the world’s most advanced TSMC N4 (4nm-class) technology. It offers the best of 5G speeds, brilliant gaming technologies and professional grade imaging and videography to advanced AI and the latest computing architecture.
  • MediaTek Helio : The Helio-G series is more focused on gaming performance and Helio-P series is more focused on battery and AI centric feature.
  • MeiaTek MT

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