What is 5G and Benefits of 5G

5G already started in many countries and By using 5G, you can download a GB movie within seconds or a minute. So 5G will surely make evolution in internet and IoT. Lets talk more about 5G – What is 5G and Benefits of 5G.

What is 5G : In simple words, 5G is a basically spectrum technique same as 4G and 3G with big bandwidth spectrum as compare to 4G or 3G, which enhance the mobile network or wireless network technique.
To get use of 5G, you need have 5G supporting devices like 5G mobile.

How 5G works : To provide 5G services to people, service provide needs to buy 5G spectrum bandwidth which run by satellite. Once 5G spectrum bought by service provide let say mobile sim network provider, they needs to install 5G equipment and instrument in the cities , area they want to provide 5G service. To get use of 5G, you need have 5G supporting devices like 5G mobile.

Benefit of 5G :
1. Fast internet surfing
2. Increase in IoT uses : We find many times slow internet issue and hence interrupt in process like playing games, working with wireless devices or video callings. So 5G will enhance the visualization and streaming and you will huge improvement in internet depending things.
3. Communication will become very smooth and easy when doing calls using 5G.

Countries which started 5G service
5G has been deployed in 72 countries, and nearly 3,000 cities. To get benefits of 5G your network provider needs to start 5G service in your area.

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