How to overcome depression and anxiety in just 5 mins

I am writing here a simple steps, by following these steps, you will start feeling that depression and anxiety starts going away from you and you started overcome depression and anxiety in just 5 mins.

The Cause of depression and anxiety : The main cause of depression and anxiety is too much thinking and specially thinking about past and future. We always worried more about future or incident happened in past than the present. We stop living present moment because of this thinking process or thinking again n again.

Steps to overcome overcome depression and anxiety

  1. Live with present surrounding things : No matter where you are, sitting, standing or waiting , you should start looking things arounds you like if you are in room – see the clock color, its shape, flower pot, the design of flowers, the sky , the starts, playing with children and see their smile etc. This way you will un-hook the thing which is causing you to keep thinking. You can try it now – close your eyes and open again – now forget about all thing and start observing things arounds you in present. You must practice this daily.
  2. Give conclusion to past incidents : Most of the time we feel fear and worried about the things happened in past like mistakes, fighting with family members, accidents of loved one and we keep thinking like it wouldn’t happened and searching for the result of things.
    So we should accept that we can’t change the past and things already happened. Therefor we must give conclusion to the incident happened in past like ‘I know it was my fault and I won’t repeat again’ , ‘Everyone know truth and one day time will reveal truth’, ‘I will cover the loss with this way/thing’, and we must not think again about that incident. In the same way police case works, they starts investigation and if result is not there they conclude the case and do close it and move to next because other cases are also important.
  3. Change your routine : If we are in trouble that means surely something wrong there with our daily routine. Either we have nothing to do or always have work to do or issue with sleep in night. We need to work on that area or problem, here are some tips given below which have great impact on your life style and health –
    • Fix your timing of lunch, sleep and wake-up because our body have some routine and chemical release process that starts at particular time interval and Also other benefit is you will utilize your time with planned day. To learn more about digestive system and sleep go here – How to sleep well in night
    • Start reading books. By reading books you got to know about new things as well as this is the best way of un-hook you from past/incident.
    • Do the things you like. Playing outdoor games, watching movie or listening to motivational speakers, know new things and new ways of doing your work. Keep updated yourself.
    • Set some goal like I need to learn this anyhow, I need to serve better my family, I will try this year for the examination, I will save this much amount this year etc. Goals keeps you working and you don’t have time for depression and anxiety. To know more about goals and success, you can check here I am young unemployed, What should I do?
  4. Love yourself and keep smiling always, see yourself in mirror, smile and say I love my self , how beautiful and good I am.
  5. Think always positive, only positive thinking can overcome many disease, even cancer can be cure by your positive think , this is true checkout the book/video You can heal your life movie book

I hope you have learnt about How to overcome depression and anxiety in just 5 mins. Please share this with your friends and family, it may also help them and please provide your comments and feedback so we can provide you better to better things. Also for personal growth and success, please check out more article here Personal Growth. Thanks

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