How to sleep well in night

In this busy era, everyone once think – How to sleep well in night ? So here we will tell you very simple 2 things, by following only these 2 things, you can achieve very big improvement in sleep quality and sleep timings, even if you sleep less hours than usual hours, you will not feel that you slept less last night. You will feel energetic in every morning.
To sleep well in night, you must know about sleep cycle and digestive system of our body. Our body have natural rhythm of each things specially for sleep and digestive system, that’s why we need to understand rhythm of it to make better use of it.

Sleep cycle : We have 3 sleep cycle timings mainly – 10pm to 2am , 2am – 4am, 4am-6am.
10pm-2am : This is the main sleep cycle, our body is in rest mode and digestive system is so slow during this period , so we should go into bed for sleep during this cycle. If this time passes , we get difficulty in sleep. So we must switch off our devices before 1 hour of this sleep time.

2am – 4am : In this cycle our mind works as sub-conscious mind.

4am – 6am : This is the active state of our mind, so we must wake up before 6am. Because after this state you will find little difficulty , after 6am our body-mind go into more relax mode and our body feel heaviness.

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Digestive system : Our body needs to do work to digest foods we take. Its very important to know, what you are feeding to body. Specially when having dinner, because after dinner we have to sleep in night so if you take heavy dinner at late night, your body works to digest that food. Means our body keeps working long time if we have taken heavy meal and in the morning you may feel tired.

So its very import to take light meal and take 3 hours before your bed time. Second things is that we should avoid the mixing the state of food like carbs should not be mix with protein food. When you take mix of cabs , proteins and fat meals together body takes longer to digest it as compare to separate state meals.

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