I am young unemployed, What should I do?

If you completed the your study or you like to change your career or work field, many time questions comes into your mind like I am young unemployed, What should I do? How to get success in my work, study, or business ? So here are some powerful things you may follow easily :

1. First and Most Key point of success is CONFIDENCE: If you are not confident, everything seems opposite to you, you will think I made a big mistake and waste time. But if you have confidence then everything seems good and you keep going until you get success/goal of your life. Confidence increases energy level, you will think I can do, I just failed to reach my goal. Confidence shows your positive, creative attitude towards your task, jobs etc. So be confident.

2. Set Your Goal/Aim : Set your goal priority wise and into small steps. Don’t try to change all things at one time. Doing all-time good and great work, it’s not gonna work. Set goals into small step like my first and most important goal is to do preparation for my job interviews, reading the daily newspaper, preparing for the entrance examination, start doing workout etc. Set goal one by one, not all at one time. As you will achieve your goals one by one the next will be done with more confidence and energy. You will be happy after each success.
You can start setting goal like for 2weeks or 1month or 6 month or any time period. Set goal always with period. It will help you move on other things and to evaluate you capabilities. You can re-look on your efforts to check what is done and what is remaining.

3. Read and Learn: First Identify your work area and then problems that is stopping you to get success. Try to find the root cause, why you are not able to do desired thing. Follow people which are doing good in this area. Learn more n more about the things. Read and learn is very good tactics, not just read, understand all aspect of that thing like what is it actually, why we need to this, why this invented or needed, how this works etc.
Reading and understanding things make you confident and at one stage you will become ready to accept challenges. Think about things that are necessary and must, know more about this fields. Never stop reading. Read books newspapers, blogs, article, history etc.

4. Learn from mistakes : Not everyone gets success into the first effort. Sometimes people fall from the pick of the world, some fall from the middle of their journey. There are so many successful people in the world they have failed first. The number of cricket-football players, actors, businessmen got failed in their debuts. So never stop trying, again and again, get learn from the mistakes you made. Mistakes are benchmark for the new start. Here is the some people example, who failed many times but they didn’t stop there :

  • Abraham Lincoln become a president in his 7th attempt of the election.
  • “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas A. Edison (Thomas A. Edison)

5. Never Thinks Its Too Late : Owner of KFC started KFC at age the of 75 years, so remember, never things its too late if you like do something or want to start any business, job or new thing which you never tried before.

6. Look for the people in same field : You should meet the people who is already doing good in your field , sector or in the area of your interest. If you can’t meet , start reading about them, know more about them by any media. If you start modeling and following them , clearly you will find many things they did as you are facing right now. Modeling someone is great technique mentioned in many books. Modeling works in the same way we called guidence.
You can make use of their experiences and thought process. Start doing notes about their qualities, schedule and leadership skills , how they created resources and team. Everything you needed you may find by following them.

If you like the above points and think it is useful, please share it with friends and family, it may also help them and please provide your comments and feedback so we can provide you better to better things. Also for personal growth and success, please check out more article here Personal Growth. Thanks

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